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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

PURNAGIRI; The abode of Adi Shakti Maa Tara Tarini

Berhampur University Alumni Satya Tripathi appointed UN Asst Secy-General

Development and environment expert Satya S. Tripathi has been appointed an assistant Secretary-General and will head the UN Environment Programme’s New York office. The appointment made Monday by Secretary-General Antonio Guterres was announced by his Spokesperson Stephane Guterres. Tripathi is now the third Indian at the senior levels of the UN hierarchy.
He has served the UN for 20 years in “Europe, Asia and Africa on strategic assignments in sustainable development, human rights, democratic governance and legal affairs,” Dujarric said. Tripathi has been the Senior Adviser on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development at the UNEP since 2017.
A development economist and lawyer with over 35 years of experience, one of his key roles at the UN was as the UN Recovery Coordinator for the $7 billion post-tsunami and post-conflict recovery efforts in Aceh and Nias in Indonesia.
He also chaired the Committees on Laws and Treaties for the UN-mediated Cyprus unification talks in 2004. Tripathi has commerce and law bachelor’s degrees and a masters in law from Berhampur University in Odisha.
Atul Khare, the Under-Secretary-General who heads the Department of Operational Services, is the senior-most Indian at the UN. Nikhil Seth, the Executive Director of UN Institute for Training and Research, is at the level of an assistant Secretary-General according to last year’s Voluntary Public Disclosure listing of senior staff’s assets.
At the New York office of UNEP, Tripathi’s duties will include supporting development, coordination and implementation of system-wide strategies on environment for the UN and “catalysing transformative change” throughout the UN “to integrate the environmental dimension of peace, security and sustainable development,” according to the description of the post. 

Friday, August 31, 2018

Take a pledge to make Silk City free of open defecation: Zareen Khan

The Silk City is way ahead of others barring its cleanliness and open defecation, stated well-known Hindi cinema actor Zareen Khan in Berhampur on 31 August.

Participating in a special programme at the Town Hall on the occasion of the 151st Self Government Day of Berhampur Municipal Corporation (BeMC), Zareen also interacted with members of various self help groups (SHGs), women members of Biju Yuva Bahini and other volunteers on creating a plastic-free environment and making the city open defecation-free (ODF).
Women play a pivotal role in transforming the society into a better place to live in but they often face problems due to the practice of open defecation, said the actor and urged everyone to take a pledge to make the city free of open defecation by the deadline set by the government.
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The youths of the city should realise their role in this mission and contribute their bit towards enhancing the attraction of the Silk City, she further said.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Berhampur City Commercial Center ର ଭବିଷ୍ୟତ ନେଇ କଣ କହିବେ ଆପଣମାନେ ?

Eco Retreat Hub ଗୋପାଳପୁର, North City ବ୍ରହ୍ମପୁର, Rock ଗାର୍ଡେନ ର ସୁନ୍ଦର ଚିତ୍ର କୁ ଗତ ଇଲେକ୍ସନ ସମୟରେ ପେଇଡ ମିଡ଼ିଆ ରେ ବ୍ୟାପକ ପ୍ରଚାର କରାଇ ୨୦୧୪ ଇଲେକ୍ସନ ଜିତିବା ପରେ ବିଜେଡି କବଜା ରେ ଥିବା Brahmapur Development Authority ଏବେ ଆଉ ଦୁଇ ଟି ଚିତ୍ର ଜାରି କରିଛି I ବୋଧେ ଇଲେକ୍ସନ ପୁଣି ପାଖି ଆସିଲାଣି I  ସୁନ୍ଦର ଚିତ୍ର ପାଇଁ ଚିତ୍ରକର କୁ ଧନ୍ୟବାଦ କିନ୍ତୁ ଅନ୍ୟ ପ୍ରୋଜେକ୍ଟ ଯଥା ବ୍ରହ୍ମପୁର ରିଂ ରୋଡ, ବ୍ରହ୍ମପୁର airport,  ପୋଲିସ କମିଶନରେଟ, ଗ୍ରେଟର ବ୍ରହ୍ମପୁର ଗଠନ, ବ୍ରହ୍ମପୁର- ରାଇପୁର via କନ୍ଧମାଳ, ବ୍ରହ୍ମପୁର-ଜୟପୁର ଓ ବ୍ରହ୍ମପୁର-ପାରଳାଖେମୁଣ୍ଡି କୁ NH ଦ୍ୱାରା ସଂଯୋଗ ଇତ୍ୟାଦି ର ଇତିହାସ ଦେଖିଲେ ଏହି  ପ୍ରୋଜେକ୍ଟ  ର ଅବସ୍ଥା ଆଗକୁ କଣ ହେବ ତାହା ଅନୁମାନ କରାଯାଇ ପାରିବ I 
ପ୍ରତ୍ୟକ କ୍ଷେତ୍ର ରେ ବ୍ରହ୍ମପୁର କୁ ଅବହେଳା କରୁଥିବା ବିଜେଡି ସରକାର କଣ ଏହି ସହରର ବିକାଶକୁ ସହ୍ୟ କରିପାରିବେ I ଏହି ସବୁ ପ୍ରୋଜେକ୍ଟ ପାଇଁ ପଇସା ଦେବେ? 

Berhampur City Commercial Center ର ଭବିଷ୍ୟତ ନେଇ କଣ କହିବେ ଆପଣମାନେ ? 

ରାମ ପ୍ରସାଦ ତ୍ରିପାଠୀ
President ,  Odisha Development Forum      

Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Sri Krushna Chandra Gajapati (26 April 1892 – 25 May 1974), honorably known as Maharaja Sir Krushna Chandra Gajapati Narayana Dev, was the architect of the Independent Odisha State. 
Sir Gajapati was a scion of the great Ganga Dynasty of Paralakhemundi, a Great Freedom Fighter, the first Prime Minister of Odisha and one of the founding fathers of the Indian Constitution, being a Member of the Constituent Assembly of India. 
He was instrumental in the establishment of the Utkal University, the SCB Medical College, the famous Central Rice Research Institute in Bidyadharpur, Cuttack, which is one of the largest of its kind in Asia and MKCG Medical College & Hospital in Berhampur. 
Apart from these institutes he set up many hospitals, schools, colleges, industrial institutions, modern agricultural farms and provided a record number of 1281 irrigation sagars or big water-tanks in his agriculturally dominant native undivided Ganjam District. For this reason, the undivided Ganjam District was given the title 'the rice-bowl of Odisha'. 

India's famous Pani Puri Brand, Now in Berhampur city

Mouth-watering chatpata food like Flavoured pani puri, sandwiches, Zappi, Chaatizza, Bhel, chat, Maggi, noodles, drinks and even fariyali items are now just an order away.
Apart from the khaana here you can find a happy place to hangout with your family and friends.

Place - Giri Road, Infront of Gurudwara, Berhampur
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Can you Identify this famous place near Berhampur city?

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First MEMU train to run on Berhampur-Bhadrak route in Odisha

Good News for Berhampur. First (MEMU) Mainline Electric Multiple Unit train to run on Berhampur - Bhadrak route in Odisha from May this year

finally the Defence Ministry handed over the Army land for the expansion of Brahmapur Stadium

Ending a long row, finally the Defence Ministry handed over the Army land for the expansion of Brahmapur Stadium

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After a long gap I have decided to write about Berhampur and Ganjam and chosen the topic as Banking.
Few days back I have visited a restaurant in Kolkata in the Park Street namely “THE GRAND TRUNK ROUTE“. It was nicely painted with photos of Sher Shah Suri. Suddenly I remembered that Banking in India cannot be started without mentioning him. Sher Shah Suri took over Moughal Empire in 1540 and ruled up to 1545 due to death on accident. During his rule of 5 years he set up new civic and military administration, issued first Rupiya and revamped Postal System and revived the historical city of Pataliputra since 7th Century to Patna. 
He extended “The Grand Trunk Road “Chittagong in the province of Bengal to Kabul passing through Kolkata and Delhi. All these things in a span of 5 years.
The Rupee is the common name in India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Maldives, Maturities, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Tibet, Burma. British East Africa and German East Africa.
This is how the Rupee was born in India. Now coming to the history of Banking as is known now a days is it begins from 1839 with the establishment of Presidency Banks. (Mostly the information is from the study of Amiya Kumar Bagchi work). Thus the three Presidential Banks, Bank of Bengal, Bank of Bombay and Bank of Madras came into force between 1840 to 1843. Bank of Bengal has opened an agency in 1838 at Mirzapur and made it to a lone Branch in 1839 and amidst banking crisis closed in 1848.
These Presidency Banks were not interested in trade only facilitate British and big establishments. In 1861 the British Government made sweeping changes in Indian Monetary system. Until 1861, these Presidency Banks have the currency notes of their own. In 1861 the Government decided to print notes by themselves and took away the note issuance business from these Banks. Across British occupied India a uniform currency was issued. This led all these Presidency Banks to open Branches and to start so called retail banking in a limited way.
Despite early start in the year 1861 these Presidency Banks by 1916 just have 63 (Branches. Bank of Bengal – 25, Bank of Bombay – 14 and Bank of Madras – 24}, Serous attempts were made increase the number of Branches since they are in main towns and in 1921 these three presidency banks were merged and amalgamated to Imperial Bank Of India on 27th January 1921 and was given a target to open 100 Branches in a span of five years.. In those days it was a hurricane task. Later on 1st July 1955 by means of an Act it became STATE BANK OF INDIA.
Now coming to Odisha and Berhampur, consequent up on the order to open 100 Branches, Madras Presidency Bank on 16th May 1921 opened the first Bank in the state. THUS BERHAMPUR BECAME THE FIRST TO HAVE A BANK IN ODISHA and the very next day Bhubaneswar Branch was opened by Bengal Presidency.
This is chapter for commercial Banks entrance to Berhampur, but banking is not new to people of Berhampur. By that time cooperative Banks already existent,

This how a Branch of a commercial Bank has made an entry into Berhampur and Odisha. Whereas, the story of entry of Cooperative Banks in Berhampur is entirely different. The eminent people of the town at that time are responsible.
Cooperatives started as small grass root level organizations in the last century in Western Europe, North America and Japan. However it is Rockdale Equitable Society in England is considered to be pioneer of the cooperative movement. In 1844 a group of 28 artisans of cotton mills in the North England formed the society .At that time the cotton growers were having a miserable life and could not provide food and take care of medicines of their family. As usual the Banks used to offer assistance rich and affluent people .They pooled their scare resources and finance still needy. They first operated through retail shops once in two days of a week and later five days a week .Thus they enrolled every customer as a member and within three months they could run the society very well.
The history of cooperatives in India is more than hundred years old. In olden days non-istitutiuional agencies such as money lenders used to finance farmers at exorbitant rate of interest, the situation was such the formers have to sell their land to repay loans. In some parts of the country particularly Poona and Ahmednagar the formers spearheaded agitations against the money lenders. As result of which the Government has passed Deccan Agricultural Relief Act (1879), Land Improvement Loan Act (1883) and The Agricultural Loan Act (1884).
During 1892 Madras Government has appointed Fedrick Nicholson to study village cooperatives in the line of existing ones in Germany and he has submitted his report in 1895 and in 1897.The Famine Commission in 1901 strongly recommended that Agriculturalists should be granted loans to prevent recurrences of similar conditions in future. As a result of these studies and reports in 1904 the Cooperative Societies Act was passed.
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While this is the history of Cooperative Societies of India, our Berhampur was no way inferior simultaneously eminent persons worked out their ways to solve the problems of agriculturalists and urban poor. As a result of which during 1906 The DCCB Bank Ltd (NOW KNOWN AS BCC BANK LTD AND BERHAMPUR COOPERATIVE URBAN BANK LTD WERE FORMED).
The DCCB Bank ltd was initially under Madras Presidency and was serving present Ganjam, Gajapati, Rayagada and Srikakulam districts. Revered persons like G.Raghava Rao, G>Ganapati Iyer (Principal Khallikote College}, P.Venkateswarlu (noted Lawyer}, Rao Sahib W,V,B.Ramalingam (Contractor} have nurtured during the initial stages from 1915 to 1934. Later Nabhi Ramakrishna Rao a dedicated cooperator had worked from 1934 to 1936 as Secretary and later as President from 1948 to 1970.
The Berhampur Cooperative Urban Bank ltd was also opened on 13th November 1906 to cater to the needs of urban poor with area of operation as Berhampur. It is familiarly known as Urban Bank. While I am not aware of the eminent people involved initially in opening it. One renowned person named Ambatipudi Simhachalam a lawyer and eminent personality of 1920 and 1930 with Mocharla Sitaramayya and Yerramalli Sririm Murty garu as his juniors was the President of the Bank, he was Madras High Court Lawyer. 
It has developed immensely during the period when W.V.V.B.Ramalingam (Freedom Fighter) was its President. Later he also worked as Adviser to State Government on cooperatives during the period when Biswanath Das was the 1st Prime Minister of Orissa State (in those days the state head was known as Prime Minister). The present crimson red building was constructed during his regime. This was mentioned a while Bank celebrated its 100 years of existence.
This is how the Banking in Berhampur made a beginning, way back 1906.

- About the Author-
(The writer was born in 1946 at Berhampur, studied at KC High School near Khallikote College and later migrated to Gusainuagaon as KC Higher Secondary School., later studied at Khallikote College and obtained degree in 1968 from Berhampur University.
I joined State Bank of India as Clerk-Typist in 1970 at Berhampur and left Berhampur in 1979 on transfer. Again I came to Berhampur and worked as Field Officer and also Branch Manager at SBI, Aska Road Branch of Berhampur during 1988 to 2001. I served in places like Surada, Koraput, Sunabeda. Sundargarh, Barpali and Bubanesweaw. Finally retired in 2006. Since 2011 I am staying out side Odisha.)

କହି ପାରିବେ କି ଏ ସବୁ କାମ ନ ହୋଇ ପାରିବI ପଛର ଖଳନାୟକ କିଏ ?

ଟ୍ରାଫିକ ନିୟମ ଆମ ଜୀବନ ରକ୍ଷା ପାଇଁ I

ଟ୍ରାଫିକ ନିୟମ ଆମ ଜୀବନ ରକ୍ଷା ପାଇଁ I ଟ୍ରାଫିକ ନିୟମ ନ ମାନି ଅନେକ ଲୋକ ପ୍ରତିଦିନ ବ୍ରହ୍ମପୁର ଓ ଆଖପାଖ ଅଂଚଳରେ ଜୀବନ ହରାଉଛନ୍ତିI ହେଲମେଟ ପିନ୍ଧନ୍ତୁ ଓ ଟ୍ରାଫିକ ନିୟମ ପାଳନ କରନ୍ତୁ I


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Public protest against non-inclusion of 18 Panchayats in Berhampur city limit

Public protest intensified and people from peripheral areas of the city protested against the state government, against non-inclusion of 18 Panchayats in Berhampur city limit since 2008 gazette notification.
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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

22nd convocation of Berhampur University held

Worry over erosion of values: Ramakanta Rath

Erosion of human values was extremely disturbing, said Odia poet Ramakanta Rath while addressing the 22nd convocation of Berhampur University on Tuesday.
"What is extremely disturbing is that there is continuing erosion of values our forefathers upheld and worked relentlessly to infuse these into our social and political life," said Rath. 
Governor and the varsity chancellor S.C. Jamir said: "Let Berhampur University take this challenge seriously. Our endeavour must be on designing courses focused on a significant component in which students learn through doing and reflect upon their hands-on experience in a way that empowers them to apply theoretical knowledge to practical endeavours, inside and out side the classroom."
Vice-chancellor Rajendra Prasad Das said: "We are working hard to promote innovation and creativity in teaching, learning and research by acquiring and involving more talented brains into the university."
Rath and founder of KIIT University Achyuta Samanta were awarded honorary DLiit and DSc degrees, respectively. Samanta said he had received such award for the first time from any university in Odisha: "I would definitely term it as a big inspiration," he said.
Dr. Achyuta Samanta was conferred honorary doctorate from Berhampur University for his outstanding contribution in the field of education.
Dr. Samanta was conferred with the doctorate by Odisha Governor Dr. SC Jamir on the occasion of the 22nd Convocation ceremony of the University.
This is the first Honorary Doctorate for the KISS and KIIT founder from his own state. He has so far received honorary doctorate from more than 35 universities of national and international repute for his contribution in the field of education, art, culture and social services.
Expressing his gratitude over the honorary doctorate, Dr. Samanta said, “I feel privileged that the honorary doctorate has been conferred on me. I am thankful to Berhampur University for the doctorate which I received fort the first time from any university of Odisha.”
“I am also grateful to the Chancellor of the University and Odisha Governor Dr SC Jamir for recommending my name for the honorary doctorate. Besides, I thank the Vice-Chancellor and Syndicate members of the University,” he added.
As many as 125 students got their PhDs while five got D.Litt and LL.Ds during the convocation programme. Similarly, 31 students got gold medals for their outstanding performances.

-Feb 06, 2018/ Berhampur


Berhampur Traffic will install SPEED GUNS to control speeding drivers

Motorists in Berhampur city will now be forced to be on their toes after the traffic department enforced speed limits across its jurisdiction to ensure commuter safety. It has pressed into a service a special-purpose vehicle fitted with a laser speed gun connected to a high-definition LCD monitor and a printer. It also carries a breathalyzer and fire-fighting equipment. The department had earlier conducted three successful trial runs of the vehicle.
"The speed gun is equipped to track incoming vehicles from about 500m and indicate its speed. Once tracked, the erring driver will be caught, handed a slip indicating the speed and a photo of the driver with the vehicle", said deputy superintendent of police (traffic) Nirad Palei.

"Exceeding the prescribed speed limit will be treated as an offence and we have decided to forward the driving licence of the driver concerned to the Regional Transport Officer for cancellation," he said. The maximum speed limit of vehicles prescribed by the traffic department is 30km per hour inside the city, 20km per hour in school areas and 50km an hour on national highways, said Palei. "We are going to display the speed limit on boards at 10 different places from Jagannathpur to Aska Road," he said.
"The speed guns will first be installed at three places, including Engineering School Square, Tata Benz Square and Giri Road, regularly where we frequently confront speedsters. On Saturday, our first day, we managed to take proceedings against six speeding bikers," Palei said. The traffic wing will also track if bikers were wearing helmets and car drivers strapping their seat belts.
"The traffic wing has initiated steps for awareness programmes among college and school students about traffic rules. We have also come up with a slogan - 'To help to be a safer road user' - and sensitised students of three schools. Our next campaign will be at Khallikote College," he added.


Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Now complete stadium to be a reality in Berhampur

WITH shifting of NCC quarters from the south side, the hurdles for a full-fledged Berhampur Stadium in the city have been cleared. The stadium, earlier known as Barracks Ground on an area of over 20 acres, was used by the Britishers as armoury depot. Later, the ground came under the control of Defence wing which constructed quarters on its south and west sides. The Defence wing accommodated Army officials entrusted with NCC by using almost half of the ground and left the rest of the portion for public use.
For several decades, the ground was used to hold public meetings, parades, circus, exhibition as well national level football tournaments by covering the boundary temporarily. The portion of the ground later came under the control of the State Government.

Owing to growing public demand, the then chief minister J B Patnaik agreed to construct the stadium during the 80s. Accordingly, Odisha Bridge Construction Corporation Limited was entrusted with the construction work. Though galleries on three sides of the stadium were constructed on an area of 8.5 acres, no work could be taken up on the south and a portion of west side as the Defence wing refused to part with it.
In 1986, the incomplete stadium was inaugurated and the Sports department took it under its control. However, the struggle to get the rest of the land from the Defence wing continued till recently. This month, the Defence Ministry handed over land in south side of the stadium to the district administration. As a temporary measure, the Army officials have been provided rented accommodation by the authorities.
The State Government will provide Army officials four quarters at a suitable place within a year as well `1 crore as compensation, said Ganjam district Sports Officer Prasant Kumar Sahu. The existing quarters would be demolished and work on the gallery will start soon, he added.

Now, the stadium would have more than 20 rooms beneath the galleries and two entrance gates. Along with construction of gallery and boundary on the south side of the ground, another entrance gate will come up. The stadium will also have a swimming pool and press gallery, Sahu said and added that stadium, once completed, will be of international standards., 6th December 2017

Monday, December 25, 2017

Saturday, December 23, 2017


Top Celebrities to ROCK at the Second Most Popular Sea Beach of India 'Gopalpur-On-Sea' from tomorrow i.e. on 24 December, to 28 December, 2017.

Rock .....Enjoy........and say goodbye to 2017 with your own style @ Gopalpur-On-Sea (Berhampur), Odisha 

Friday, October 13, 2017

Letter to Shri Nitin Gadkari Ji for the development of National Highways in the most backward districts of ‘South Odisha’

Given a letter to Shri Nitin Gadkari Ji (Hon’ble Minister of Road Transport, Highways & Shipping, Government of India) and copy submitted to Shri Naveen Pattnaik, Chief Minister (Odisha), Shri Jual Oram, Minister of Tribal Affairs, GoI (NEW DELHI) 
Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, Minister of Petroleum & Skill Development, GoI (NEW DELHI) 
Shri Mansukh L.Mandaviya Minister of State for Road Transport & Highways, GoI and Chief Secretary Government of Odisha, for the development of National Highways in the most backward tribal dominated districts of ‘South Odisha’. 

Noteworthy, NHAI Regional Office, Bhubaneswar, highly neglecting the Southern part of Odisha and even shifted the lone NHAI Berhampur office to 500 km extreme north of the state without any reason. 
Hope the Hon'ble Minister will pay serious attention to it, look into our problems, will intervene and expedite the execution of Six-Laning of Berhampur-Bhubaneswar section of NH-16, Berhampur Bypass, Four-Laning of Goplapur-Raipur and execution of Malkangiri to Berhampur National Highway projects ...............