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Monday, March 6, 2017

Indian Navy honours Tara-Tarini hill shrine by naming Naval Ship

Indian Navy honours Tara-Tarini hill shrine 
@ It will be the first all Women Indian Navy ship 
@ Indian Navy ship Tarini will Circumnavigate the Globe.
@ Tara-Tarini was the traditional patron deity for ancient Odisha (Kalinga) sailors.
@ The boat draws her origin from the famous Tara-Tarini temple of Odisha’s Ganjam district.
@ Tara-Tarini is the patron deity for sailors and merchants and is worshiped for safety and success at sea from ancient period it self. 

@ Only for that mega ports like Manikpatna, PALUR, DANTAPURA, SONAPUR, KALINGA NAGAR and PITHUNDA flourished in Ganjam region very near to the Tara Tarini Shakti peetha.
@ The earliest reference to Palur port near Rambha in Ganjam appears in the work of the Greek sailor Ptolemy during the 2nd century BC who has named it as Paloura.
@ Tara-Tarini of Odisha is known to have historical linkages with the river Goddess Mhadei — the exclusive boat deity of Goa’s Mhadei civilization

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