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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Berhampur Traffic will install SPEED GUNS to control speeding drivers

Motorists in Berhampur city will now be forced to be on their toes after the traffic department enforced speed limits across its jurisdiction to ensure commuter safety. It has pressed into a service a special-purpose vehicle fitted with a laser speed gun connected to a high-definition LCD monitor and a printer. It also carries a breathalyzer and fire-fighting equipment. The department had earlier conducted three successful trial runs of the vehicle.
"The speed gun is equipped to track incoming vehicles from about 500m and indicate its speed. Once tracked, the erring driver will be caught, handed a slip indicating the speed and a photo of the driver with the vehicle", said deputy superintendent of police (traffic) Nirad Palei.

"Exceeding the prescribed speed limit will be treated as an offence and we have decided to forward the driving licence of the driver concerned to the Regional Transport Officer for cancellation," he said. The maximum speed limit of vehicles prescribed by the traffic department is 30km per hour inside the city, 20km per hour in school areas and 50km an hour on national highways, said Palei. "We are going to display the speed limit on boards at 10 different places from Jagannathpur to Aska Road," he said.
"The speed guns will first be installed at three places, including Engineering School Square, Tata Benz Square and Giri Road, regularly where we frequently confront speedsters. On Saturday, our first day, we managed to take proceedings against six speeding bikers," Palei said. The traffic wing will also track if bikers were wearing helmets and car drivers strapping their seat belts.
"The traffic wing has initiated steps for awareness programmes among college and school students about traffic rules. We have also come up with a slogan - 'To help to be a safer road user' - and sensitised students of three schools. Our next campaign will be at Khallikote College," he added.


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